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How to Reduce Stimming With Autistic Children

How to Reduce Stimming With Autistic Children

How to Reduce Stimming With Autistic Childrenthumbnail Stimming behavior is a way an autistic child copes with the world.

Stimming is the act of self-stimulation, by repetitive behaviors, and is often seen in children with autism. These behaviors include rocking back and forth, lining up toys, flapping their hands, and making animal sounds, according to Autism-Help.org Autistic children need to self-stimulate because it keeps them form becoming overloaded with sensory information. These behaviors are harmless to them, but if this is stopping them from partaking in their favorite activities, some intervention may be needed. He



* 1

Interrupt your child's stimming time by giving him a chore or a task to help you with around the house. This will reduce your child's time stimming by redirecting his attention and keeping his mind occupied.
* 2

Get you autistic child involved in a physical activity. This is a good, fun way for him to learn new skills instead of the repetitive self-stimulating ones.
* 3

Try replacing the self-stimulating behavior with a more appropriate one. You can do this by showing your child different objects or activities that will cause the same physical sensation for the child.
* 4

Try giving your child cod liver oil. This is a commonly used treatment for autistic children. It has also been shown that between 1 and 2 tsps. of this a day is effective in helping to reduce stimming. This is especially helpful for reducing visual stimming behaviors, according to Omegafishoil.org

Tips & Warnings


Do not punish or scold your child for stimming. This is how autistic children keep from becoming overloaded with sensory information from their environment. This is only a problem if the repetitive behaviors are stopping the child from taking part in his or her favorite activities.

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