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Body Odor

Body Odor

Body odor is normal and occurs naturally in everyone, but if it begins to be excessive or offensive, you can become self-conscious or embarrassed. Good hygiene, diet and self-care can help alleviate excessive odor.

Strong odor may emanate from sweat glands or the pores of the skin. Be aware that not everyone that suffers from this problem is necessarily aware of it.

A strong body odor may be from poor hygiene or excessive sweating when it has remained on the body long enough to allow bacteria to grow. It can also be caused by anxiety, stress and nervousness. Contributing causes may include problems detoxifying the liver, kidneys or bowels. If toxins are not cleared from the body, the body will attempt to eliminate them through the skin. Strong spices from food can also be released through the pores of the skin, like garlic or curry. Certain odors are defined as idiopa

If you find that nothing helps with body odor, you may want to see your doctor to rule out more underlying causes.
Herbal Treatments

Internal Applications

* Sage – make a cup of sage tea by infusing 20 grams of dried sage in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. Strain and drink 1 - 2 cups daily to reduce the sweat produced by your glands. Nursing mothers should not use this remedy, since sage tea may dry up breast milk.

To aid digestion and detoxify:

* Cleavers – this cleansing herb will help clean up your lymph system, which helps clear toxins from the body.
* Milk thistle – this herb helps balance the liver, which processes the vast majority of toxins that flow through our bodies. By supporting the liver, our bodies will process toxins more effectively, lessening numbers of bacteria.
* Peppermint - drink a cup of peppermint tea after every meal as it helps with the digestive process.
* Dandelion - take dandelion to help detoxify the liver.

To reduce stress and anxiety:

* Chamomile - drink 3 cups of tea per day. Chamomile can also aid digestion.
* Lavender - drink 3 - 4 cups of tea a day. Make the herbal tea by infusing dried flowers in boiling water and allow to steep for 10 minutes.

External Applications

* Herbal blend รป the following herbs all fight bacteria, and when blended together in a bath or as a deodorant compress, they can help you get rid of body odor. Add your choice of the following herbs to your blend: coriander, licorice root, ginger, oregano, rosemary, nutmeg, cinnamon, cumin, bay leaf, fennel and sage. Make the herbs into an herbal tea, which you can store in the refrigerator between uses. Dip a cloth in the tea and apply to the underarms and other sweat-prone areas as a compress for a
* Rose – add a few drops of rose water to the bath before bathing. This will replace the use of deodorant and is very effective.
* Lemon – combine some lemon juice with a little baking soda and apply to the underarms. This is an effective remedy for odors.
* Rosemary – this antibacterial herb can be added to water and used as needed on body parts that release odor as a natural deodorant.


The following essential oils may be useful in treating body odor:

* Lavender – the essential oil of lavender can be added to the bath water or to your shower gel. Lavender will kill bacteria that cause odor. Keep a glass bottle handy containing water with a few drops of lavender oil mixed in. Dab as needed on areas of the body that perspire easily.
* Rose
* Tea Tree Oil – this natural antibacterial oil can be mixed in a ratio of 2 drops of essential oil to 1 ounce of water and applied as a deodorant.

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