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Cayce Castor Oil Packs Definitely A Congestion Remedy


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Cayce Castor Oil Packs Definitely A Congestion Remedy

Many years ago I read about the famous Edgar Cayce castor oil pack. At the time I was suffering from a cold and cough and all their hideous little cousins and the darned stuff just wouldn’t go away. So I figured I didn’t have much to lose. Since we’ve now entered the famous cold & flu season, perhaps this seems an appropriate time to discuss a [for me] amazing congestion remedy.
Now if you are freaked out by taking advice from a psychic, then you have two choices: stop reading now or get over it. If a natural remedy works, who cares where it comes from? Castor oil packs have been fabulous for me and I’m passing this along in the hope that it will help a reader.

What You Need For An Edgar Cayce Castor Oil Pack

1) Big surprise … castor oil
2) A piece of flannel
3) A couple of plastic baggies
4) A heating pad

Directions For Castor Oil Packs

I definitely recommend cold pressed castor oil. The less processing and refining an oil has undergone, the more potent it is. It’s not always easy to find, though, so if you just can’t lay your congested little hands on the cold pressed oil, ‘regular’ castor oil from WalMart or the drugstore will do.
About the flannel … Cayce was insistent that the flannel had to be 100% cotton or 100% wool. Since it has to go directly on your skin, I strongly recommend cotton since wool can be itchy. You will need a piece that will cover your chest and I really recommend that it big large enough to fold two or three times and still be the right size.
Castor Oil Pack Step #1: Fold your flannel as discussed above …
Castor Oil Pack Step #2: Pour castor oil over the flannel. You want it fairly soaked – but definitely not dripping …
Castor Oil Pack Step #3: The hardest part – lie down and put the damp flannel directly on your skin …
Castor Oil Pack Step #4: Cover the flannel with a couple of plastic baggies. Now obviously Edgar Cayce never mentioned plastic baggies. But the oil soaks through the flannel and I don’t know about you but I definitely do not want castor oil on my clothes and heating pad. Call me weird!
Castor Oil Pack Step #5: Cover all this with a heating pad that is as hot as you can stand it and then watch TV for a while. You might even read a book!  :-)
How long do you leave this on? As long as you can – I suggest at least an hour.

My Experience With Castor Oil Packs

Generally, I haven’t noticed any difference the next day. But if I repeat the castor oil pack a second time, there is almost always improvement the day after that. When you think about it, that’s about as quick-acting as most drugs. Even the wonder drug doesn’t create a miraculous change in minutes.
But thereÆs another reason to consider the Cayce castor oil pack: you are sick for a reason and your body is fighting the cause. For instance, when we have a fever the inflammation is the bodyÆs way of defending your body and it needs that heat to destroy something malignant. But what do we do? We race to the doctor for something, anything, to end the fever and the body never gets to complete its task. The castor oil pack supports the body in its work, rather than interfering. ThatÆs a very important diffe

A Congestion Remedy, Fine  – But Is There Any Other Use For The Castor Oil Pack?

Yes, indeed. I have used castor oil packs for all kinds of remedies like indigestion, stomach flu, a severely pulled muscle, cramps and an injury to my side. Castor oil will aid with almost any kind of internal complaint.

Will The Castor Oil Pack Work For ME?

I have no idea. It has been wonderful for me and for tens of thousands of other humans. But we’re all different and it might not help you in any way. There’s obviously only one way to find out. But it can’t possibly hurt you, it’s cheap to try and takes very little time or effort. So if you need a natural congestion remedy any time soon, this might be an answer for you.

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