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How to Teach Children to Stay Calm Instead of Violent

How to Teach Children to Stay Calm Instead of Violent
By Katya Gordeeva, eHow Contributor
Teach your child that violence is unacceptable.
With all the violence in movies, video games, TV shows and cartoons, children may think that violence is the answer to solving their problems. Some children may get into fights at school or at the playground with other children if they do not get their way. As a parent, it is your responsibility to raise your child to be non-violent. When your child becomes violent, there are also ways to calm him down and tell him his behavior is unacceptable.
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Set a good example for your child. When you become angry, express your emotions in healthy ways. Take a couple of deep breaths and drink a glass of water. Go sit in a separate area for five minutes until you calm down. If your child sees how well you deal with your anger, he may follow in your footsteps.

Talk to your child about being violent. Explain that while it is normal to become angry, it is not acceptable to express his anger in negative ways, such as hitting, biting or pushing another person. Tell him that violent behavior can hurt someone else and get him into a lot of trouble.

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Help your child find healthy ways to deal with her anger. For example, if another child took her toy away, you can teach her to express her feelings through words. She could say, "Amber, I feel very bad that you took my toy away from me. If you give it back, I will let you play with it when I am done."

Discipline your child if he continues to act violent. Direct him to his bedroom, which should have no TV or any other distractions. He should use this time to think about what he has done. After he calms down, explain to him why his behavior was unacceptable. Be consistent in your discipline, so he knows he can't get away with his behavior.

Reward your child for kind behavior. When your child shares her toys with another child or says something kind to a friend, make a big deal about it. Whether your reward is verbal praise, a new toy or a trip to the candy store, you are letting your child know she is behaving the correct way.

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