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How to Fade Scars Naturally

How to Fade Scars Naturally
May 22nd, 2012
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The skin is our bodies' biggest organ and it heals itself. The castor oil draws the blood to the upper layers of the skin, which triggers healing. Scars form from the fibrous tissue replacing normal skin cells after trauma to that area. The color of the scar will depend upon the significance of the wound. Natural remedies have been known to work on lightening and fading scars. I have done it to my own scars with fabulous results. OVERTIME the scar should lighten and fade. It might appear blotchy or soft wi

1. Cleanse the scar area with warm water and soap or rubbing alcohol

2. Warm 100% warm castor oil in a bowl... you can add baking soda to mix it into a paste but that is not needed all of the time. I used baking soda and castor oil on my lighter scars to give it an extra "boost" in fading. Baking soda will cause the area to burn or tingle a little, causing slight discomfort. It is perfectly fine to use plain castor oil.

3. After applying a TINY amount of castor oil, rub the area in a circular motion with your thumb. Massage the area to break up the underlying scar tissue.

4. For faster results, soak warm castor oil in a cotton sheet (you can you a cut up shirt piece or cloth of some sort) and place it on the scar. Wrap the cloth with some sort of tape such as medical tape or sports tape to hold it into place.

5. Cover the entire area with saran wrap to keep the heat inside the cloth. AN ALTERNATIVE would be to place a tiny amount of castor oil on a Band-Aid and place it over the scar (but obviously this depends on the size of the scar).

6. Sleep with it on overnight

7. Repeat daily

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