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Urine Therapy (air kencing)

Urine Therapy (air kencing)
1. Collect Midstream Urine in a Clean Cup or Container
A dean glass or clear plastic container is best for collecting the urine. In the research studies, urine is usually collected by means of a "clean catch" in which the genital area is cleansed before collecting the urine. This is important for women in particular when using urine therapy internally and can be done by simply washing with a little soap and water. Collect the midstream urine only. You can take along pre-packaged clean catch kits which include a sterile cup and antiseptic paper towelettes for c
2. Always Use Fresh Urine Immediately Upon Collection
Urine breaks down quickly outside the body so use it internally as soon as you collect it. If you are going to use it for external use only, this isn't as important, as you can use either fresh or old urine for most external applications.
3. Begin With Oral Drops Then Increase Dosage As Needed
Once you've read the book and are ready to begin using the therapy,
Start by taking a only few drops each day in order to let your body adjust gradually.
Fill a clean medicine dropper from the cup of urine and place one or two drops under your tongue. This method lets you get used to the taste slowly and will still give you health benefits. You. can slowly increase and adjust the amount later when you've determined what amount is right for your condition.
1. Start by taking 1-5 drops of morning urine on the first day.
2. The second day, take 5-10 drops in the morning.
3. Third day, take 5-10 drops m the morning, and the same amount in the evening before you go to bed.
4. Once you feel accustomed to the therapy, gradually increase the amount as needed for obtaining results for your condition. As you use the therapy, you will learn to adjust the amount you need by observing your reactions to the therapy. More information on dosage is given further on in this chapter.
4. Do Not Boil Or Dilute The Urine
Research studies show that boiling urine destroys many oi its medicinal properties, so when taking it internally, use it only in its fresh, natural form. Research studies have also shown that diluting urine (or urea) decreases its antibacterial activity, so rather than diluting it in juice or water to get accustomed to using it.
5. Homeopathic Urine
The importance of using urine collected at the beginning or height of acute symptoms of illness, particularly infections and allergies, has been suggested by some researchers, because this urine contains the greatest amount of antibodies and immune-defense agents with which the body is already fighting the illness. A homeopathic preparation preserves this potent first-stage-illness urine and can then be used throughout the duration of the illness. Homeopathic urine is also excellent for children. For those
6. Monitor And Balance Your Ph
pH refers to the acid/alkaline condition of the body. The body is normally mildly acidic, and maintaining the proper pH is crucial in urine therapy. pH values naturally change throughout the day. Morning urine is generally more acidic than mid-day urine, and pH also changes in response to diet - in general, foods like meats, coffee, alco- hol, milk, eggs and beans make the body more acidic while most fruits and vegetables have an. alkaline effect. (See Appendix for a more complete listing of add/alkaline f

It's extremely important to monitor your pH levels during urine therapy because if your urine is too alkaline, it may decrease its antibacterial activity. On the other hand, if the urine is consistently excessively acidic, urine therapy could create too much of an acid burden in your body. In this case, make certain that your diet is primarily alkaline-promoting foods, so that you are balancing your pH and not adding to your body's acid burden through ingesting extremely acidic urine. Also, if you have a s

7. Do not use urine therapy if you are pregnant without a doctor's supervision:
Although pregnant women have been treated with successfully urine therapy for morning sicimess or edema, the therapy should not be used during pregnancy without the supervision of a doctor familiar with the medical use of urine. Doctors have reported that they have used urine therapy for morning sickness in pregnancy with excellent results, but there are reports of two spontaneous abortions which occurred after urine therapy treatments (Dunne and Plesch), possibly because of the natural release of toxins w

Fertility: On the other hand, if you're trying to get pregnant, several successful fertility drugs such as Pergonai are made from urine extracts and a few women have reported to me that they feel urine therapy helped them to conceive. The best and safest method in this case is to use urine therapy for a certain time period (six months) before trying to conceive and to discontinue its use during the days that you're attempting to conceive. You can use urine diagnostic tests to determine when you're ovulatin

Urine Therapy and Drugs: In the past I have recommended that you do not use urine therapy if you are taking any type of drugs or are a heavy smoker, alcohol user or coffee drinker. However, new research has come to my attention that shows that urine therapy can be beneficial under all of these conditions. Dr. William Hitt, an American doctor who actually has urine therapy clinics in Mexico, has reported to me that he has treated 20,000 patients in a 2 ? year period with urine therapy injections. These pati

8. Improve Your Diet & Avoid Meat When Using Urine Therapy Intensively Before Fasting
In general, your diet should consist of balanced amounts oi whole grains, fresh vegetables and small amounts of lean meats and fish. If you are eating large amounts of refined foods, sugar, soda, coffee, etc. you will not get the full benefits of urine therapy and, depending on how poor your diet is, you may experience unpleasant symptoms of headache, nausea, etc., as your body regulates and expels undesirable elements. If you're only using a few oral drops of urine or ingesting one or two ounces once a da

9. Detoxifying Symptoms
When you first begin urine therapy, you may initially experience symptoms such as headache, nausea, diarrhea, tiredness, or skin rashes. In many of the research studies in Chapter 4, the doctors often observed such symptoms in their patients, which are the body's natural responses as stored toxins from illness and disorders are excreted and removed from the body. These symptoms normally disappear within 24 to 36 hours. Also, by starting your therapy with a few oral drops, you may avoid or lessen the severi

10. Children
Several research studies, such as those done by Drs. Krebs, Piesch, Duncan, Lewis and Dunne, deal specifically with the treatment of children with urme therapy. The easiest internal form of the therapy for children is oral drops of the child's own freSh urine. As mentioned in the studies, for acute flu, colds, viral infections, measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc., small frequent oral doses of 1-10 drops during illness have been shown to be very effective. For allergies, the research studies indicate that sev

Maintenance Dose
A daily mamtenance dose is usually considered by those who use urine therapy regularly to be one to two ounces of morning midstream urine. but this dose may also be as little as 5-10 drops per day, or every other day, depending on your individual condition and needs. Many lifetime users of urine therapy such as the former prime minister of India, have commented that regular use of urine therapy noticeably assists in main-taining energy levels, reducing aging and in preventing illness.

Severe, Acute And Chronic Illnesses
For those with chronic or severe illnesses such as cancer, some urine therapy users such as John Armstrong strongly recommend ingesting as much urine as you pass or as much as possible during the day for several days, however, much smaller doses have also been reported to be effective. If you are ingesting large amounts, fasting or sharply decreasing your solid food intake during this time reduces the burden on the .kidneys and allows the body to use more energy for healing, rather than digestion. It would

Rest, Rest, Rest
Once you have healed .a serious illness and achieved improved health, continue the practice of a daily maintenance dose of urine therapy and a good diet. Also, never allow yourself to become consistently exhausted or overtired. Consistent proper rest is much more crucial to health than most people realize. And once you have recovered fit>m a majorillness, you must be extremely vigilant in getting abundant rest and relaxation. I have seen many instances in which people completely cure them-selves of even 'i

Assiduous urine therapy can give you such renewed vigor and energy, that it's easy to become overconfident and overdo, which, is not a huge problem for normal people. But for people recovering from major illnesses, exhaustion can pose a life-long threat, so protect your new-found health and your natural immune defenses with lots of rest, fresh air, moderate exercise and minimized stress.

Kidney Disorders
If you have a history or presence of a kidney infection, limit the initial amount of oral urine therapy you take to small doses such as 1-5 drops once or twice a day, or use a homeopathic dilution as described in the section on. Homeopathy and Urine Therapy in this chapter. Decrease or eliminate meat ingestion. and acid-forming foods before beginning the therapy. Also, check your acidity levels with pH strips, and begin urine therapy when your acid levels have normalized or decreased substantially.

In the clinical research studies done on urine therapy and allergies, practitioners such as Dunne and Wilson used oral drops with excellent' results. Refer to these studies for directions and again, begin with one or two drops and then gradually increase the number of drops, or as Wilson suggests, take the drops until you can no longer sense the urine taste or temperature. If you know what your allergies are, take the drops before eating a food that you're allergic to; if you don't know what you're allergi

Food Poisoning
Several of the research studies show that urea is a proven anti-bacterial agent (Drs. Schlegel, Kaye, Weinstein etc.), and urine has been found to contain antibodies to food contaminants such as salmonella bacteria in infected individuals (Lemer and Remington). Begin by taking 1-5 drops. Increase dosage as tolerated.

Fasting on urine is an excellent therapy that can produce extraordinary results, especially for intractable diseases and tough chronic conditions, but always work into a fast slowly. Begin with oral drops for two to three weeks, increase your dosage to 1-3 ounces during the next two or three weeks, and begin fasting the following week. Eliminate all meat intake at least three days before the fast. When I first started urine therapy, I was so seriously ill with so many different conditions and in such extre

Homeopathy and Urine Therapy
In the course of using urine therapy, I found that combining the therapy with homeopathic medicines in particular can produce incredible results, even for the toughest, most stubborn chronic conditions. Severely weakened, debilitated, chronically ill individuals often develop extreme sensitivities to ordinarily helpful herbal, vitamin, mineral and other medicinal preparations, but are able to tolerate homeopathic medidnes very well. Homeopathic medicines are simply extremely diluted natural sub-stances suc

Homeopathic Urine
Dr. Nancy Dunne, the allergy researcher, reported that her colleague, Dr. Fife, used urine in the form of a homeopathic dilution with excellent results. Homeopathic urine is excellent for children and may be helpful to those with extreme sensitivities. It also provides a means of preserving urine collected during the first stages or the onset of illness, at,which time the urinary antibodies and iinmune defense agents are most reported to be most numerous and active. Pre-prepared homeopathic urea can also b

Dr. Dunne reported that the following procedi.ire for preparing a homeopathic dose oi urme was used by Dr. Fife, and had produced remarkable healing:
1. To 5 mis (1/6 of an ounce) of distilled water in a sterile bottle add one drop of fresh urine.
2. Cap the bottle and shake vigorously 50 times (this is the first dilution).
3. Take one drop of this mix and add to another 5 mis (1/6 oz.) of distilled water; shake 50 times.
4. Take one drop of this mix and add to 5 mis (1/6 oz.) of 80 to 90 proof vodka which acts as a preservative.
5. Place three drops under the tongue hourly until there is obvious improvement or temporary exacerbation of symptoms. As improvement progresses, lengthen the interval between treatments. After 3 days, suspend treatment to avoid pushing the immune system. Treatment is resumed if progress remains static or relapse occurs.

For beginners who feel unsure about how to use homeopathy, the best book I have found as an overall introduction to self-care through home-opathy is The Fanfily Guide to Homeopathy, Symptoms and Natural Solutions, by Dr. Andrew Lockje. This is a tremendously comprehensive self-help guide which introduces the fundamentals of how the body functions, how and why specific illnesses and disorders are contracted, and what homeopathic remedies will best augment the body's natural healing. This book is an extraord

External Use
Skin Applications
Applying urine to the skin is an excellent treatment for every imaginable type of skin disorder including all rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc. The urea in urine, as the research studies demonstrated, is also excellent for cosmetic use as an overall skin beautifier and moisturizer.
1. Use either fresh or old urine for skin applications, although old urine has a higher ammonia content and has been found to be more effective in treating many stubborn skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis.
2. When treating skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, etc. pour a small amount of urine onto a cotton ball or pad and pat or massage it lightly onto the affected area, making sure that the area is well saturated.
3. Discard the pad and saturate another clean pad with fresh urine and reapply, lightly patting and soaking the affected area. Continue reapplying in this manner for 5-10 minutes or as many times as desired - the more that the affected area is treated, the better.
4. Secure a clean soaked pad to the affected area with a gauze or cotton ~vrap and leave secured for several hours for additional healing. These urine packs are also incredibly effective for any type of insect sting, bite or poison oak or ivy. (See Urine Packs and Compresses).
5. Another method is to pour old or fresh urine into clean, plastic spray bottle and spray the rash, eczema, etc.

Skin Massages
Always augment your use of oral urine therapy with skin massages particuJariy on the face, neck and feet John Armstrong recommended this practice especially when fasting for an acute condition, and people who use it, swear by it. These massages have a tonifying, refreshing, relaxing effect and are said to allow for gradual absorption of urine nutrients through the skin. Pour either old or fresh urine into a wide, shallow container and dip your hands into the liquid. Shake off excess, then vigorously massag

1. For cosmetic use or moisturizing, pour a very small amount of nor mal fresh urine or urme which has been stored, for a day or two into your hand and massage lightly into the skin until dry; then pour additional urine into your hand, massage it into another area of the skin until dry and so on.
2. Rinse well with warm water when completed, but wash without soap. Your skin is naturally slightly addic, and this natural aridity is usually destroyed by soaps which are all alkaline and diminish the skin's natural protective add mantle.
3. You can apply a moLsturizer after the massage, but make sure that it's a simple, natural one that doesn't contain lot of drying alcohol or other chemicals. Also, you can add a few drops of urine to a small amount of your moisturizing cream each time you apply the cream.
As the research studies show, urea replenishes the water content of the skin because it binds hydrogen and attracts moisture to the skin in a way that no mineral oil or glycerin-based lotions or creams can.
You 'll be absolutely amazed at the softness and beauty of your skin after even one treatment with a urine massage. Old dead skin immediately flakes away, and your skin becomes wonderfully soft, rosy and with time, even wrinkles will disappear. Urine massages have also been reported to eliminate varicose veins and cysts.

Urine Packs And Compresses
Skin Disorders
Urine packs give added healing to skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, athlete's foot, ringworm, poison ivy and oak, etc. in addition to urine massages and soaks;
1. Soak gauze bandages or cotton balls m fresh or old urine and place them over the affected areas.
2. Cover the urine pack with light plastic (like Saran-wrap) and tie in place with gauze strips.
3. Try to keep the pack on as long as possible, especially with more, severe conditions. Add additional urine to the pack with a medicine dropper every few hours to keep the pack wet.

Bites And Stings
Urine packs are tremendously useful and effective for relieving the discomfort of all insect bites and stings.
When I first moved to Arizona, I was stung on the foot by a scorpion. My foot immediately swelled to almost double its size and was unbelievably painhil. I dragged myself into the house, applied a soaked urine pack and tied it in place. Within 15 minutes, the pain had disap-peared and the swelling had lessened considerably. I kept the pack on overnight, and when I removed it in the morning, the swelling and redness had completely disappeared. The pain and irritation of bee stings and mosquito bites is also

Snake Bite
Urine packs should also be used immediately for poisonous snake bites. Follow emergency first-aid instructions to inrise the wound and remove venom, if possible. Then apply fresh normal urine to the wound and secure a well-soaked urine pack over it. Keep pack wet until medical help can be obtained.

Growths And Tumors
Armstrong reported in great length on the remarkable effects of urine compresses in reducing and eradicating a wide variety of internal and external tumors, cysts and abnormal growths.
1. Compresses should be used in combination with internal urine therapy for treating any type of abnormal growth.
2. In preparing a compress, use a thick pad of clean white folded cotton material (such as an old T-shirt).
3. Soak the pad in a container of fresh or old urine. Warm the urine by pouring it into a glass container, then place the jar in a container of hot water. While lying down, place wet compress over the affected area and cover with a clean folded towel. Keep the compress applied for as long as possible, reapplying warm urine as needed to keep the compress wet. Urine compresses have also been reported to be effective for many internal disturbances and for arthritic and rheumatic pains.

Wounds, Burns And Abrasions
As so many research and clinical studies have shown, urea is a tremen-dously effective anti-bacterial agent and an excellent healing treatment for wounds and burns of all types. Use fresh, normal urine for treating open wounds.
1. Saturate a thick gauze bandage or cotton pad with fresh urine, place it over the wound or bum and secure it with additional gauze; cover with plastic or soft towel to prevent leakage.
2. Reapply fresh urine with clean medidne dropper directly onto the existing inside compress. Reapply fresh compress as often as possible. Urine is also known to prevent scarring, so keep the urine pack applied as long or as often as possible until healing is complete. Many people have applied urine compresses to burns and cuts with amazing results. The pain is quickly relieved and the burn or wound heals rapidly without scarring.

Eye And Nose Drops
There are reports from people who have used urme drops for both eye and nose drops, for relief of eye itching or inflammation, or for nasal congestion. In both cases, make certain that you are using fresh, clear, normal urine only and that the acidity factor of the urine is normal (see previous section on Monitoring Your pH in this chapter). Also, make certain that the eye dropper you use for the eye drops is sterilized. A compress of fresh normal urine is also excellent for external eye inflammations such

1. Can my doctor administer urea, as the researchers in the studies did?
The urine extract, urea, is FDA approved and can be administered by your doctor. A Physician's Guide to Your Own Perfect Medicine is available if your doctors would like additional information contained in the research studies on the clinical application of urea. As the research studies indicate, oral or injected urea has been shown to be extremely effective and safe in treating cases where excess fluid production is a problem (see pgs. 99-103). Urea's anti-bacterial, anti-viral and diuretic properties. Us

2. What about urine injections?
Many people have asked me about the efficacy of urine injections, and as you've seen, many of the research studies presented in Chapter 4 utilized injections of urine as part of the therapy. But doctors have also used oral urine or urea therapy in non-emergency cases with equally good results and urine injections have the reported side effect of occasional redness and sweJling at the site of the injection which doesn't occur, of course, with oral therapy. Oral urine therapy also allows for slower applicati

Gradual introduction of urine therapy, or any medical therapy is always important, but even more so if you have a history of poor nutrition or chronic, serious illnesses which weaken the body and promote poisons and toxins in the system. Introducing a new therapy too rapidly places a strain on an ah-eady weakened system and can cause a sudden release of toxins that may make you feel ill unnecessarily. As clinical studies have demonstrated, oral urine or urea can be fust as effective for non-emergency cases
For more information on Dr. Hitt's clinics call 1-800-80Q-8849.

4. Can too much uric acid or urea be harmful?
As several of the dinical studies showed, urea, even in large doses, has been found to be harmless to the body, Researchers, (Urea - New Use of An Old Agent), reported that they safely administered urea daily to several patients for a period ranging from several day» to weeks, and in some cases, even several months, without any side effects, in doses ranging from 100 mg. per kilogram of body weight to as much as 600 mg. per kilogram of body weight. Decaux, et. al, (5-Year Treatment of SIADH with Oral Urea)

Use oral drops to begin; start with 1-2 drops once a day, and gradually increase to 5-10 drops two to four times a day, for one to three weeks, depending on your need. Monitor your pH levels and your symptoms (see symptoms of addosis in this chapter). You can also dilute the urine in water, or use a homeopathic preparation of your urine.

5. How long should i use urine therapy?
The amount of time needed to achieve results with urine therapy is different for every person and each condition. Many people have found that chronic, long-standing complaints require a longer period of time to heal, while others experience rapid resuite. Logically speaking, it probably depends on the condition, of your body's immune hunctions, ability to repair itself, amount of damage to the body that has been sustained during illness, etc.

In general, do not use large amounts of urine infernally for more than two to three weeks at a time. Once you have achieved solid results at whatever dose you're taking, begin decreasing the amount and number of days that you use the therapy internally, and use only a maintenance dose from. then on, unless you come down with a cold, infection, etc., at which time you would increase your dosage amount and frequency during the period of illness. A maintenance dose for many people is one to two ounces of morn

6. Can I do diagnostic urine tests at home?
There are several excellent urine testing kits that have been developed in the last few years that can be used at home and can save you an amazing amount of time and money. Now you can perform many of the same urine tests at home that your doctor performs in hia office. Also, these tests are particularly helpful when using urine therapy because you can monitor your own health progress easily and inexpensively. The booklet. Simple Diagnostic Tests You Can Do at Home gives a wide range of information. on wha

8. Can pets be treated with urine therapy?
Many of the research tests on urine recycling have been undertaken with animals, and vetermarians have used urine therapy for treatment by catherizing the arumal and administering oral urine drops with reportedly good results.

Urine home test strips are available to test for these conditions and many others:
o Kidney and Urinary Tract Infections
o Diabetes
o Blood in the urine
o Pregnancy
o Ovulation
o Liver Function

You can purchase these strips in drug- stores or they are available by catalog
Remember to begin your treatment slowly with a few oral drops and increase the amount to a well-tolerated dosage. Make sure that you're eating well and decreasing your meat intake as you increase your urine intake. Do not use the therapy while ingesting heavy amounts of nicotine, caffeine or while using recreational drugs or therapeutic drugs than small amounts. If you do decide to use it, however, use only very small amounts (3-5 drops 1x day.) Frequent small doses of one to three ounces for two to three
The Do's And Don'ts of Urine Therapy (UT)

1. Start with small amounts and work up to larger amounts gradually for internal use.
2. Use only fresh, urine internally.
3. Test your pH to make certain that you are not overly acidic before using the therapy and continue to monitor your pH periodically during internal use of UT.

Do not:
1. Rush into the therapy with large amounts.
2. Do Not combine urine therapy with a starvation diet (or fasting) unless you have been using the therapy for at least two months.
3. Do Not continue to work while fasting on UT. If you are ingesting large amounts of UT and fasting, you must rest and relax in order to avoid possibly stressing the kidneys.
4. Do Not ingest large amounts while eating a consistently acidic diet.

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