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Autism and terrible teens

Autism and terrible teens
Alex Cargius


Although I love my brother unconditionally, our relationship hasn't always been quite so smooth. I've always thought that my sister is much better at playing with him, looking after him, whereas I tend to forget about his autism, and his need to be cared for, and greet him with a "alright mate, what you doing?" I know there wonÆt be a response, except for a swift look and maybe a thumbs up, but it gives me more of a feeling that weÆre friends as well as siblings. My beautiful sister is much more patient an

When I was 14 and he was 13, Benedict seemed to go from a little boy to a grown man overnight. He was less the laughing boy, sliding down the stairs on his bum, and more the angry boy, breaking mirrors and smashing his arm through windows. It was such a jump, such a change to someone I wasnÆt used to, that our already tender relationship seemed more fraught. It was the first time IÆd started looking at my friendÆs families and thinking,"why arenÆt we like them? how are we so different?", and I was ashamed

It’s taken me too many years to recognize why we aren’t like them, and why we’re so different. We’re lucky. So lucky. Benedict has made all of us better people, more tolerant of others, more accepting, more loving. And I’m thankful. If Benedict wasn’t who he is, we wouldn’t be like that.

I'd be lying if I said that when Benedict is screaming the house down, ripping my clothes, or pouring my shampoo on my bedroom floor, that i don’t think, "you are so annoying." But instead of bringing those bad feelings into his good times like I used to, I just enjoy him when he’s at his best. Laughing and grabbing my hand to make me tickle him. His smile makes me smile. It's the most beautiful, gappy grin I’ve ever seen, and that’s what i wait for.

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