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How to Make Gin Soaked Raisins

http://www.ehow.com/how_5239735_make-gin-soaked-raisins.html Relief from arthritis pain may be as close as your kitchen and liquor cabinet.. Gin soaked raisins are an old time folk remedy to relieve arthritis pain. Theresa Kerry, the wife of presidential candidate John Kerry, came under fire on the campaign trail in 2004 when she called gin soaked raisins 'highly effective' as a remedy for arthritis. So, gin soaked raisins? How bad can they be?! Even if they don't help, you'll have fun nibbling 9 (exactly 9) at a time. instructions 1 ~~Purchase a box of golden raisins~~ For some reasons (and no one can really come up with the exact reason), golden raisins are the only raisins that work for the gin soaked raisin arthritis remedy. Go figure. Anyway, purchase a box of golden raisins - they might be called 'white raisins' depending on where you live. 2 ~~Empty the golden raisins in a shallow bowl and cover with gin~~ To make gin soaked raisins, well, empty the box of raisins into a shallow bowl and cover with gin - just barely cover them. Note: I highly recommend using a good, smooth brand of gin as they might as well taste good... Leave the white raisins to soak and do not disturb for 11-14 days until the gin has evaporated. Once the gin is evaporated, they're ready to eat! 3 ~~Eat 9 gin soaked raisins (exactly 9...) a day~~ I personally like these little things so more than 9 are gobbled at a time. I can't swear to you that they relieve my slight arthritis pain but I can guarantee that they make me happier! Whether it's a placebo effect or not, I don't really care - you might not either.... Sponsored Links CottonGin Fire Protectionwww.argusfirecontrol.com World Leader in Gin Fire Safety Improve your safety AND profit Head & Shoulderswww.headandshoulders.co.id Either "For Him" or "For Her", find Out why H&S is right for you online Back Pain? Chiswickwww.essentialphysio.com Expert Chartered Physiotherapists Early and Late Appointments Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)www.likecells.com Stem cells can do great help for patients of Rheumatoid arthritis Tips & Warnings If you're on medications, DO NOT eat gin soaked raisins unless you check with your doctor. If you are a recovering alcoholic, DO NOT eat gin soaked raisins!

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