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Herbs Which Help Cerebral Palsy

Herbs Which Help Cerebral Palsy
Oct 11, 2010 | By Gail Morris
Herbs Which Help Cerebral Palsy Photo Credit blue brain image by John Sfondilias from Fotolia.com
Cerebral palsy is the medical term used to describe several non-progressive disorders that involve posture, motor impairment and sometimes mental retardation. It is caused by a brain injury that occurs prior to birth or within the first 2 years of life. Cerebral palsy can affect different areas of the brain, partially explaining the variety in symptoms seen between patients. Treatment includes therapy to improve strength and function, nutritional support and medications to treat underlying muscle tone, seizures and pain. Herbal supplements can also help to alleviate symptoms and support the needs of the individual.
Zinc Sulfate

In a study performed in Russia in 1991, researchers found that the administration of zinc sulfate helped to improve the metabolism, health status and immune system of children. Researchers noted that of the 96 children in the study, the majority showed deficiencies in zinc metabolism. Twenty children received zinc and 38 children in the control group received other complex rehabilitation that did not involve the administration of zinc. The group that received the zinc sulfate showed the improvements in metabolism and health status.
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Improve Muscle Tone

Children and adults with cerebral palsy can benefit from supplements that improve muscle tone, such as vitamin C, bioflavonoids, thiamine, magnesium and pyridoxine, according to the Cerebral Palsy Injury website. In some cases, individuals may be able to find a multivitamin that serves the purpose. Each of these supplements helps skeletal muscle function to improve strength and flexibility, thus improving function.

Seizure activity can be a co-morbid condition in individuals who suffer from cerebral palsy. Several herbal supplements have anecdotal evidence of helping individuals with seizure disorders and others should be strictly avoided, according to Dr. Ray Sahelian who holds degrees as both a physician and nutritionist. Herbs that have an adverse effect on seizures include ginkgo, caffeine, guarana, tyrosine, ephedra and sexual herbs such as horny goat weed. Herbs that have some evidence of positive effect on individuals who suffer from seizure activity include melatonin, bacopa and carnosine.

Antioxidants are substances that prevent damage to the body done by free radicals. These free radicals are the metabolic by-product of an oxidation process the body uses to produce energy. When left unchecked, free radicals cause cellular damage leading to disease and illness. Individuals with cerebral palsy benefit from the addition of antioxidants to the diet in order to reduce the amount of further damage to the neurological system and support health. Common antioxidants include beta-carotene, lycopene, and vitamins A, C and E, according to MayoClinic.com. The addition of these antioxidants to the diet helps support the immune system, improves health and allows optimal functioning.

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