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song hye kyo

Song Hye Kyo Biography
Song Hye Kyo (송혜교), also written as Song Hye Gyo, is a talented and beautiful Korean actress. At birth, it was highly doubted that she would be able to be live, therefore her birthday wasn't recorded until February 26, 1982 (Her real birthdate is November 22, 1981). She is one of the most well-liked and well-respected actresses of South Korea. Many rumors circulating possible plastic surgery have arisen.

She made her debut by winning the Grand Prize in model search in SunKyung Smart (school uniform brand) and in a Sunday morning drama called "Happy Morning" (KBS,1996).

Song's breakthrough came in the Korean drama series, Autumn Fairy Tale, in which she co-starred with Korean heartthrob Won Bin and Song Seung-hun. While this series was considered to be one of her better works, it has been criticized due to its unrealistic and sad ending.

During the filiming of a Korean poker drama entitled, All In, Song fell in love with co-star Lee Byung-Hun. They began a relationship which ended within a year. Song Hye Kyo said that it was the first time she had experienced true love, and that the experience would help her act in the future.

Her most popular role is that on Han Ji-Eun on the romantic comedy, Full House, in which she co-starred with Korean singer, Jung Ji-Hoon (better known as Rain). Rumors regarding the two romantically have surfaced.

Song Hye Kyo played the female lead in My Girl and I, her first movie role. She starred in Hwang-Jin Yi in 2007, portraying the title character. Incidentally, actress Ha Ji Won also played the same character in a TV series that aired around the same time as the release of Hwang Jin-Yi. In 2008, Song broke into the Hollywood scene in an indie film called Make Yourself at Home. The same year she also had a role in an unsuccessful TV drama (first one since Full House) and also started filming the movie 1949. Her full filmography is listed below.

Song Hye Kyo is also widely known in graphics communities after an Indonesian artist created a 3D image of her face.

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